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PANDORA Rings Rings are, perhaps, the oldest form of jewelry going back thousands of years, and have been consistently the largest jewelry category, even when bridal jewelry is not included, and PANDORA has revolutionized rings in the industry. There are three main styles of rings that PANDORA crafts; stackable, statement and puzzle. Stackable rings are the most popular style of fashion ring. It is a trend to wear rings of similar design on different fingers and on different locations on fingers. These are bands that can be layered on top of each other to create different looks. Statement rings are bold and decorative with a larger design and cannot be layered with other rings, but tend to have matching earrings and necklaces. Puzzle rings have been around for centuries and can create one design when two rings are combined, or they can each be worn independently. PANDORA creates rings in a variety of metals including sterling silver, 14 karat gold, PANDORA Rose, 14 karat gold with sterling silver and PANDORA Shine. To help make the rings more beautiful, PANDORA uses pure enamel, both natural gemstones and synthetic stones, pearls and crystal pearls to add color and depth. PANDORA’s craftsmen in Thailand use seven different types of stone settings to secure stones to their jewelry. Rings are exposed to much more contact with other materials and surfaces than other styles of jewelry because they are located on the owner’s hands, so it is important that you choose a brand, like PANDORA, that takes their time to ensure your jewelry is quality jewelry. Being a European company, PANDORA creates rings that are in European sizes from 44 – 64 (about US 3 – 11.) With over 150 styles of rings, PANDORA has the perfect ring for you!


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