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It is our belief that the more we are able to do ourselves, whether in manufacturing custom engagement rings and other fine jewelry, or direct gemstone importing, the better the value and the higher quality our customers will be afforded.

Reeds Jewelers was founded in 1912 in Niagara Falls, New York. Grown from modest beginnings at 1931 Main Street, the Zimmer family has continued to own and operate the company for the past three generations.


Our dedicated associates pride themselves on the quality and value of each piece of jewelry we display. Traveling the globe to bring back the best the world has to offer for our clients, owner Jeff Zimmer hand picks and purchases each unique diamond. Once the gemstones have been imported to Western New York, our design team works to bring the best out of each stone.

Upon design approval, a casting will be fabricated, followed by setting the stone and polishing the mounting at our in-house finishing facility. This finished piece of jewelry is then heavily and meticulously inspected by our expert quality control team. This same type of care and precision is duplicated in our custom design and repair departments.

Any business is only a good as their people, and Reeds Jewelers continues to be honored with a team that includes many of the same people that have been here for over twenty years. All of our managers have achieved advanced Gemological Institute of America (GIA) training, and our associates are also mandated to achieve study in GIA diamond courses.

Our training does not stop there. We encourage our associates to continue their education, providing ongoing in-store and office training to each of our team members.

By browsing our selections, you will quickly experience the amazing quality of our jewelry at prices that will surprise you. We highly recommend viewing our selections of diamonds and gemstones to see how beautifully our jewelry shines.

We also have a variety of unique estate jewelry. These selections are very fluid and updated frequently. Check the assortment frequently, as you never know what you may find.

As technology has evolved so have we. A mere thirty years ago, all of our jewelry models were hand carved. Although beautiful and of the finest quality at the time, the exactness of jewelry was not what it is today. We have incorporated the latest technology in the design of our products, using the same systems that design products that must boast zero tolerance in design. We can say with pride and confidence that our jewelry is developed with the same precision as the space shuttle.

Not only is our jewelry beautifully made and technically sound with perfect precision, but it can be as unique as you are. Please stop into the store or reach out to customer service if you desire an heirloom to be crafted specially for you. It is fun to have an exclusive item for your collection. We often say “if you can dream it we can make it!”

As you can see, we are cutting edge in our product and old school in our values, and we can’t wait to help you find your next unique piece of jewelry!

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